Our Core Data Offerings


We offer secure and reliable storage for your company’s data. Our continuous monitoring ensures that we are able to proactively identify any potential issues. And with our seamless scaling, we ensure consistent, predictable performance while minimizing cost.

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lozera bridges the divide between advanced Al technology and essential data management. With our management platform, you’ll have ready and reliable
access to your organized data. This sets you up for the successful use of your data within your next Al app.

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We’ll sort through and convert data as necessary to provide optimal inputs for Al models. By sorting, categorizing, and tagging data, we make it readily accessible for your Al applications. We excel at preparing Al-relevant data.

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lozera collaborates with you to identify your company’s Al goals and objectives, laying the groundwork for your company’s data preparation process. Additionally, we provide integration consulting to ensure a smooth transition of prepared data into Al models.

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    Bridging the frontier between advanced technology and everyday business, lozera is proud to introduce the future of data management, Al productivity, and advanced storage solutions.

    “Kriss.ai needed a robust data platform for storing and accessing distributed data across multicloud environment. They also want simplified Al implementation. Integrating our deep analytics capabilities with one of the world’s most formidable co-location Al data centers, our fully turnkey solution facilitated Al-driven workflows and deployments.”

    Timothy Ngo, Co-Founder