Iozera Secure's Project Genesis

Enabling Secure Generative AI Solutions for Enterprises

Iozera Secure announces Project Genesis, an innovative endeavor crafted to streamline the development and implementation of dependable generative AI models within corporate settings. By harnessing Iozera’s infrastructure and software, Project Genesis provides integrated data security for on-site generative AI training. This collaboration ensures data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Project Genesis offers a comprehensive range of solutions, amalgamating technical prowess and pre-built tools based on Iozera and another technology provider’s expertise. It furnishes a detailed plan that enables enterprises to utilize their proprietary data and deploy generative AI models in a responsible and precise manner.

Project Genesis simplifies enterprise generative AI deployments by offering a tried-and-tested combination of optimized hardware and training workforce in the same place, all accessible through Iozera. This solution facilitates the transformation of enterprise data into actionable insights while safeguarding data privacy, enabling companies to deploy customized AI applications for trustworthy decision-making, ultimately fostering business growth.

Availability: Iozera products are available for beta in 2024. Project Genesis initiative will be accessible through standard channels and flexible consumption options commencing in September 2024.