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GenV and IOZERA Collaboration

Together, GenV OZERA and IOZERA deliver innovative AI technologies, software, and systems to help you succeed in your journey to data-first modernization

Introducing Iozera and GenV

Unleashing AI for Business Transformation

Embark on a transformative journey with Iozera’s cutting-edge services as we redefine the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) deployment. Join us on this exhilarating venture, where HPE’s unwavering commitment to proven, easy, reliable, and secure IT deployments converges seamlessly with GenV world-class AI technology, propelling your organization toward data-first modernization success.

The Power of Partnership

Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8

In collaboration, Iozera and GenV bring forth an unparalleled enterprise platform optimized for AI workloads. This data annotation platform is deployed on industry-leading HPE servers.

Industry-Leading AI Solutions and Expertise

Iozera and GenV present a comprehensive portfolio of optimized AI solutions, offering the technological prowess and consumption flexibility necessary to transform your business. GenV applications and models, coupled with HPE's extensive expertise and breakthroughs in computing and infrastructure, enable you to unlock the true value of AI, fostering data-first modernization. Together, we empower your business to gain profound insights, maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape.

Unlocking Potential with Expertise

For bespoke GenV edge deployments, collaborate with our seasoned advisory and professional services teams, leveraging the tried-and-tested HPE Cloud Adoption Framework. Tap into the right expertise to ensure the seamless integration of AI into your business strategy.

Optimizing IT for AI Efficiency

Effortlessly spin up containerized AI and machine learning environments while offloading the management of your data science ecosystem. Deploy resources and capacity strategically, enhancing overall business outcomes with streamlined AI and high-performance computing workloads across various business units.

Accelerating Time to Value

Effortlessly spin up containerized AI and machine learning environments while offloading the management of your data science ecosystem. Deploy resources and capacity strategically, enhancing overall business outcomes with streamlined AI and high-performance computing workloads across various business units.

Pay-Per-Use Model for Cost-Efficiency

Stay ahead of the variability of AI, machine learning (ML), and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads with our pay-per-use model. Reduce infrastructure costs by actively managing capacity based on your organization's needs, providing the flexibility required for GPU workloads and minimizing overhead expenses.

Fully Managed NVIDIA GPU Environment

Liberate your organization from the operational burden of managing IT with a fully managed and supported NVIDIA GPU environment. Benefit from a hassle-free experience as we handle the complexities, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on driving innovation.

Real-Time AI at the Intelligent Edge

Experience the magic unfold as HPE and NVIDIA join forces to deliver real-time AI with game-changing insights at the intelligent edge. Witness the convergence of groundbreaking technology and visionary solutions that redefine the possibilities of AI in the modern business landscape.

Embark on your AI journey with Iozera and NVIDIA, where innovation meets reliability, and transformation is not just a promise but a reality.

AI as-a-Service

Elevate Your Business from Edge to Cloud with Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8

In a data-first era, maintaining a competitive edge requires embracing cutting-edge modernization powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-performance computing. Iozera's Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA's HGX HNEXT-TTMX8 bring a revolutionary AI as-a-service model from Edge to Cloud, redefining the way you harness the potential of AI.

Iozera GreenLake Cloud Services: Redefining AI Utilization

Unlock the full potential of AI with Iozera GreenLake cloud services, offering a spectrum of options for seamless AI integration. Iozera GreenLake combines the agility and scalability of the cloud with the security, simplicity, and control inherent in on-premises IT, providing a dynamic environment for AI innovation.

Iozera and NVIDIA: Unleashing Transformation

Iozera, in collaboration with GenV, delivers unparalleled technology power, expertise, and consumption flexibility, revolutionizing the landscape of business transformation. Our collaboration introduces the cloud experience to your enterprise-grade AI/machine learning, ML ops, high-performance compute, and vertical solutions:

  1. Iozera GreenLake for ML Ops: Streamline the deployment of AI/ML workloads on-premises with an open, GPU-based infrastructure and a cloud-like experience, leveraging the power of Grace-Hopper Super Chips.
  2. Iozera GreenLake for Machine Learning: Access an enterprise-grade ML cloud service, enabling the rapid development, training, and deployment of ML models, powered by Iozera's innovative AI solutions.
  3. Iozera GreenLake for HPC: Deploy converged high-performance computing (HPC)/AI workloads on NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8 GPUs and high-performance clusters, ensuring predictable, transparent costs.
  4. Iozera GreenLake for VDI: Redefine your work environment with a secure, scalable virtual desktop infrastructure delivered as a service, tailored for various user workloads, including dedicated nodes of Iozera GPU compute.
  5. Iozera GreenLake Lighthouse: Experience the integration of cutting-edge cloud-native software with advanced Iozera infrastructure, packaged as an end-to-end solution. Managed and operated by Iozera GreenLake, Lighthouse represents a beacon of innovation.

Iozera GreenLake and GenV AI for Enterprise: Risk-Free AI Projects

De-risk your AI projects with Iozera GreenLake and GenV AI for Enterprise, offering an end-to-end model operations process that streamlines both the development and deployment of AI workloads. Automate monitoring, scale with precision, and orchestrate remediation seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and risk-free AI journey.

Elevate your business to new heights with Iozera's Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA's HGX HNEXT-TTMX8, where innovation converges with reliability, and the future of AI as-a-service is defined.

AI at the Intelligent Edge

Unleashing the Power of Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8

The landscape of artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving, with more than half of AI models set to be deployed at the Edge by 2024. To stay ahead in this transformative era, organizations must not only comprehend but also deploy and leverage AI at the Intelligent Edge, powered by the formidable combination of Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8.

The Intelligent Edge: A Strategic Advantage

The Intelligent Edge stands as the contemporary battleground for organizations striving to secure a significant competitive advantage. AI applications at the edge are catalyzing groundbreaking improvements, spanning from clinics to labs, warehouses to enterprises. This paradigm shift is fueling impactful use cases, such as video analytics, natural language processing, and real-time monitoring of customer sentiment, all enhancing the overall customer experience.

Revolutionizing Decision-Making with Autonomous AI

The impact of AI at the Intelligent Edge goes beyond simple automation—it revolutionizes decision-making, potentially transforming processes completely. AI, when wielded as a tool, simplifies and streamlines complex tasks, marking a paradigm shift from human replacement to collaborative augmentation. The Intelligent Edge is not just about replacing tasks; it is about reshaping entire processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Explore the Possibilities: AI at the Edge

Discover the potential of AI at the Edge with solutions designed to expedite your time-to-value on systems certified and tuned for edge and data center deployments. Our cutting-edge solutions, built on the new HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers and integrated with Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA GPUs, are tailored for computer vision, generative visual AI, and natural language processing inference.

Key Features of Our AI at the Edge Solutions:

  1. IOZERA ProLiant Gen11 Servers: Embrace the power of the latest generation servers, offering unparalleled performance and efficiency for AI at the Intelligent Edge.
  2. Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips: Experience the next level of AI processing with Iozera's groundbreaking Grace-Hopper Super Chips, delivering unmatched speed and capability.
  3. NVIDIA GPUs: Harness the computational prowess of NVIDIA GPUs, seamlessly integrated to enhance the performance and accuracy of your AI models.
  4. Key AI Frameworks: Benefit from the seamless integration of key AI frameworks, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for a diverse range of AI applications.
  5. Performance Boost: Our new HPE ProLiant AI solutions elevate inference performance by more than 5X compared to previous generation systems, ensuring accelerated decision-making.

Speed Time to Value with Iozera ProLiant AI Solutions

Accelerate your AI inference journey with Iozera ProLiant AI solutions, designed to speed up your time-to-value on systems crafted for edge and data center deployments. Join the revolution at the Intelligent Edge, where Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8 redefine the possibilities of AI deployment.

Enterprise AI Solutions at Any Scale

Enterprise AI Solutions & Systems

At the forefront of AI innovation, Iozera integrates the groundbreaking power of Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8, offering unparalleled enterprise AI solutions that redefine possibilities at any scale. Combining NVIDIA's best-in-class AI compute hardware and software with Iozera's rich experience in building legendary high-performance systems, we present a unique synergy that transforms every datacenter into a hub of optimized AI workloads.

Iozera and GenV: A Special Collaboration

NVIDIA, a leader in AI compute solutions, coupled with Iozera's collective expertise from HPE, SGI, and Cray, results in something extraordinary. Our enterprise AI solutions are underpinned by core supercomputing technologies, making them ready for deployment in any datacenter and scalable to meet diverse business needs.

  1. NVIDIA Clara™ Discovery and NVIDIA Clara™ Parabricks Pipelines:

    • Frameworks, applications, and AI models for breakthrough computational drug discovery and genomics sequencing analysis.

  2. Artisight, HPE, and NVIDIA AI Platform:

    • Designed to alleviate the burden on staff members with Artisight software powered by HPE and NVIDIA, delivering operational efficiency, better clinical outcomes, enhanced caregiver experiences, and improved patient experiences.

  3. AI in Banking:

    • Advances in AI drive progress in four primary banking applications, including fraud detection, identity verification, conversational AI, speech recognition, robotics process automation (RPA), and recommendation engines.

  4. NVIDIA Omniverse with HPE Technology:

    • Accelerates the design and development journey with a data-centric approach for 3D simulation collaboration.

  5. NVIDIA Metropolis™ Application Framework:

    • Turnkey, enterprise-grade toolkits for creating, deploying, and scaling AI and IoT manufacturing applications.

  6. Computer Vision AI for Safety and Security - IronYun Vaidio® AI Vision Platform:

    • AI-enabled video search and analytics for security, health, safety, and operations, powered by HPE ProLiant DL320 Gen11 Server and NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPUs.

HPE GreenLake and NVIDIA AI for Enterprise:

• Provides a consumption-based, end-to-end AI platform with the best-in-class NVIDIA AI Enterprise suite, optimized and exclusively certified for VMware vSphere® with Tanzu™ on HPE ProLiant DL380/DL385 NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

NVIDIA-Certified HPE Systems:

• Bring together HPE servers, NVIDIA GPUs, and NVIDIA networking in optimized configurations, validated for performance, manageability, security, and scalability. Backed by enterprise-grade support from NVIDIA and HPE.

Industry Leading Servers:

• HPE and NVIDIA jointly deliver NVIDIA-Certified Industry-Leading Servers, offering a unified architecture to accelerate traditional and modern workloads. This high-performance, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure is integrated with leading IT frameworks and DevOps frameworks, providing full control to IT.

Embark on your journey of AI excellence with Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8, where innovation meets scalability, and enterprise AI solutions reach new heights. Explore the future of AI at any scale with our cutting-edge technology integration.

Enterprise Software

A Portfolio of Enterprise Software Empowered by Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8

Explore the potential of the Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8 through our dynamic portfolio of enterprise software. Our cutting-edge solutions redefine the landscape of analytics and data-intensive workloads, providing the foundation for innovation in the digital era.

Iozera Ezmeral Software Portfolio: Transformative Analytics and Workloads

The Iozera Ezmeral software portfolio serves as the cornerstone for analytics and data-intensive workloads. Our Ezmeral Container Platforms, driven by the power of Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8, offer a robust control plane. This facilitates the effortless deployment and management of the NVIDIA GPU Catalog (NGC) on shared accelerated hardware. Experience the flexibility to configure and reconfigure resources in minutes, aligning with the dynamic needs of your entire organization, and not limiting you to one team at a time.

Key Benefits:

  1. Breaking Down Silos:

    • Remove artificial silos by creating a shared pool of resources, fostering collaboration and efficiency across the organization.

  2. Containerized Deployments:

    • Replace complex application and infrastructure deployment with the simplicity and agility of containerization.

  3. On-Demand GPU-Accelerated Environments:

    • Deliver on-demand, self-service GPU-accelerated analytics environments, empowering your teams to extract insights efficiently.

Speech AI Services: Adding Value to Enterprise Products

Enterprises are discovering immense value by integrating speech AI services into their products. Our combined offering of NVIDIA Riva, Iozera Ezmeral, HPE-certified NVIDIA servers, and HPE GreenLake enables enterprises to rapidly develop and deploy automatic speech recognition and speech synthesis services-based applications.

Unlock the Potential of Speech AI:

  • 1. Enhance Business Operations:

    • Leverage speech AI-based solutions to enhance business operations, driving efficiency and delivering an enhanced user experience.

Explore Further:

  1. NVIDIA-Certified HPE Systems:

    • View the data sheet for NVIDIA-certified HPE systems, ensuring performance, manageability, security, and scalability in your enterprise solutions.

  2. Advanced Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Systems:

    • Learn about the capabilities and applications of advanced speech AI systems with HPE GreenLake and NVIDIA Riva in our detailed brief.

  3. Accelerating Speech AI:

    • Dive deeper into the technical aspects of accelerating speech AI with HPE and NVIDIA Riva by exploring our comprehensive technical white paper.

Iozera, powered by Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8, invites you to revolutionize your enterprise software experience. Explore the possibilities of seamless analytics, dynamic workloads, and innovative speech AI solutions that drive your business to new heights.


Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8: Pioneering the Future of AI and HPC

At Iozera, we are at the forefront of redefining the landscape of supercomputing, merging groundbreaking technologies from Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8. Our commitment to innovation brings the advancements used in the largest exascale machines to smaller-scale systems, shaping the future of AI and high-performance computing (HPC).

Introducing the Iozera Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8:

The Iozera Cray Supercomputing XD665 stands as our latest testament to supercomputing leadership. This powerhouse is driven by the cutting-edge NVIDIA H100 GPUs, propelling us to new heights in accelerating innovation and advancing the realms of business, science, and technology.

Key Benefits of Our AI and HPC Solutions:

  1. Exceptional Versatility:

    • Experience unparalleled versatility for compute-intensive applications, enabling your organization to tackle the most demanding computational challenges with ease.

  2. Balanced Computing Power:

    • Achieve optimal performance with a harmonious blend of GPUs and CPUs, catering to both sequential and massively parallelized computing requirements.

  3. Sustainable and Cost-Efficient:

    • Our solutions are designed for sustained, cost-efficient performance, ensuring adaptability even as the dynamic requirements of your organization evolve.

Revolutionizing AI and HPC:

Iozera, powered by Grace-Hopper Super Chips and NVIDIA HGX HNEXT-TTMX8, is revolutionizing the landscape of AI and HPC. From the largest exascale machines to versatile smaller-scale systems, our solutions are engineered to push the boundaries of what is possible in compute-intensive applications.

Join us in embracing a future where innovation meets efficiency, and where Iozera's commitment to supercomputing excellence opens new horizons for your business, scientific endeavors, and technological advancements. Experience the transformative power of AI and HPC with Iozera.